Off Grid Electrical Services

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Batteries are the heart of an off grid camper/home.
Ray Outfitted works with AGM and Lithium systems: There are pros and cons to each approach. Often cost is a major consideration. AGM provides upfront value and Lithium offers lifespan and usable amp hours. Book a consultation if you’d like to discuss your specific setup.
Lithium: Approximately $1,200 per 100ah*
AGM: Approximately $500 per 100ah
Installation includes wiring, fuses and panels for 12V and optionally 120V and varies significantly due to the custom nature of the work.


Solar panels are coming down in cost and increasing in wattage. There’s more options than ever, including panels sized to suit tight spaces on RVs.
Ray Outfitted works with all solar panel types and is experienced in tilt-able and upright panel installations. Currently, the best priced solar panels are $1/watt. Installation cost depends on number of panels, typically in the 4-16 hour range.


Alternator charging through smart relays and battery to battery charger controllers is a great way to recover your batteries while on the road. For some, this is a primary charging method with a generator to longer stationary periods. For others, this is used in supplement for solar.
Depending on type of house batteries (AGM or Lithium) this is approximately $600 in materials. Depending on the rig and battery locations, installation is 4-8 hours.


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