The Best Camper Van Heaters

In conversion campers and for four season RVing, it’s important to plan for your heater needs. Canadian travellers and residents know how hard it is to escape all of the cold weather. Even our van family on Vancouver Islands has some need for heat to stay comfortable and safe year round.

There are several fuel choices to choose from and various products using each. Ray Outfitted only installs heaters that have passed marine and/or automotive standards. We do not recommend portable propane space heaters, even if they have the safety shut off for low oxygen levels.

Select the heater best for you.

With different travels, lifestyles, goals and budgets - there isn’t one best heater. Propane and electric are among the most common RV heating solutions. In the conversion van and vanlife market and the popularity of commercial vans make gasoline and diesel bunk heaters the most popular selection for Northern climate vanners. In Southern climates some opt for no heater or camping space heaters - typically propane.

ESPAR and Webasto are the top most popular manufacturers of bunk heaters used in campers, trucks and RVs. ESPAR is best known for it’s diesel heater and the elegant & user friendly high altitude kits. Webasto is best known to the overlanding community for their gasoline heaters.

Ray Outfitted offers onsite Heater Installation.

Travel route for onsite heater installations in Canada below. Please note once temperatures drop, indoor work space is required for a Ray Outfitted onsite install.

Ontario Availability: July - August 2019
Maritimes Availability: August - September 2019
Ontario Availability: September - November 2019
Western Canada: November - January 2019
2020 - TBD. Contact us.

The Best Camper Heater?

Select the best fuel type for your off grid setup.

Gasoline and diesel heater installs is one of the most common projects Ray Outfitted completes for DIY campervan builders and owners. This involves either tapping into the vehicle’s fuel tank or adding a dedicated fuel tank. These heaters also require 12V power to operate the fan and small fuel pump. The unit itself needs to be mounted into the floor of the vehicle and an exhaust system is installed.

For those planning to camp at high elevation these heaters requirement adjustment to fuel rate. ESPAR heaters have an available high altitude kit to automate this adjustment. Webasto heaters require a manual adjustment at elevation. Both ESPAR and Webasto have both diesel and gasoline models.

Considering a DIY ESPAR install in a conversion van? Ray Outfitted has a How to Video filmed in 2018.

Gas & Diesel Heaters


Ray Outfitted offers installation services for Propex propane heaters. Unlike other propane heaters, these are vented, fixed units. For a great comparison of the Propex to the gasoline Webasto read Far Out Ride’s Review.

Ray Outfitted offers installs assistance for those opting for stove heater. We install Cubic Mini, Grizzly Cub and Dickinson Marine fireplaces and offer custom fabrication for heat protection.



Space heaters to electric pump for radiant heated flooring. For some off grid, RV, boat and camper set ups - heating with electricity is well suited.