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Ray Outfitted: Off Grid and Tiny Home Electrical Specialist

Raynor Vickers is a Canadian licensed automotive mechanic turned professional camper and RV upfitter. Specializing in custom fabrication, solar and electrical installations, Ray Outfitted travels coast to coast in Canada designing and installing off grid solutions for travelers and off grid dwellers.

Beyond campers and RVs, Ray Outfitted offers off grid electrical services to boats, tiny homes and cottage bunkies. Enjoy the self-reliance and freedom that comes from an off grid approach - regardless the shell. Contact us to discuss your custom project.

Ray Outfitted Mobile Work Shop & Off Grid Camper. We stay until the project is done.

Ray Outfitted Mobile Work Shop & Off Grid Camper. We stay until the project is done.

Specializing in Custom Fabrication, Solar and Electrical Installations for RVs, Campers & Tiny Homes.

Bringing the technical knowledge, hands on experience and tools to your project, Ray Outfitted offers professional installation & service without the inconvenience of travelling to a shop.

  • On location installs and services - we come to you - servicing coast to coast in Canada

  • Remote consulting services

  • Part sourcing and component selection services - Network of suppliers & manufacturers

  • Experienced in custom system design

Meet the couple behind Ray Outfitted

Meet the couple behind Ray Outfitted

Travel Route & Availability

Spring/ Summer 2019 - Ontario - 5/5 Conversion Slots Booked! Some heater and other install availability remains.
August 2019 - Atlantic Canada - Some availability remains.
Fall 2019 - Traveling across Canada - Contact now to book a onsite.
Winter 2019 - Western Canada & US Holiday for RTR 2020
Spring/Summer 2020 - Booking all conversion and RV projects

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We don’t believe in gate keeping. Whether your off grid dreams involve wheels, tiny home, wood cabins, boats or otherwise - there is a common thread and passion in all off grid fans. We work on all types of off grid camping and dwellings, no matter the shape and size.