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Heat Solutions

Heat is an important ammenty for many off grid living and camping setups. They not only keep people & pets warm but also protect water tank, batteries and other contents.


Gasoline or Diesel

Webasto and ESPAR each make both gasoline and diesel heaters. These can be tapped into the fuel tank of the vehicle or a dedicated tank can be installed on the exterior.

ESPAR high altitude kits mean your heater automatically adjust to the elevation and deliver the correct amount of fuel. For comparison and reviews, read Far Out Ride’s Review.

It is worth noting, diesel heaters are less prone to carbon accumulation and have a less frequent maintenance interval (1,000 hours vs. 500 hours).

Ray Outfitted offers custom heater installations, including tapping fuel tanks or installing additional tanks. Contact us for more information.

*There are “knock off” heaters that are marketed for significantly less. With a lack of QC, safety testing and long term history we do not professionally recommend them.


We install Propex propane heaters. For a great comparison of the Propex to the gasoline Webasto read Far Out Ride’s Review.

We install Cubic Mini, Grizzly Cub and Dickinson Marine fireplaces and offer custom fabrication for heat protection.