Our Process

Ray & Madison of Ray Outfitted

Ray & Madison of Ray Outfitted

By the nature of the custom work we do, the process and experience is tailored to each client. As some general guidelines, here is our process.


Contact us. Share your current plans, goals and ask any questions you have about Ray Outfitted. The more detail, the better!

We travel across Canada for our clients and do our best to meet with those considering a van build or Ray Outfitted while we’re working in the area. Reach out and see when we’re in your neck of the woods next!

The more information you share on the project and your objectives, the richer our answers can be. It’s important you pick the right person for your project. Let’s talk fit!

Costs for Ray Outfitted Services

Project costs vary significantly depending on project and materials selected. For some general ranges:

  • Consultations & Part Sourcing: Contact us with details of what you’re looking for support doing

  • Installations: Want a window, heater, fan, exterior accessory installed? Contact us for a quote.

  • Custom Project & Fabrication: Contact us with details to receive an initial estimate.

  • RV Off Grid Retrofit: This can include solar installations and shore power simulation. Pending size of system and complexity a cost range is $6k to $30k CAD.

  • Electrical System Design & Install: Batteries, solar, alternator charging, generators, and more. Ray Outfitted works with you to meet you objectives and budget. Depending on materials selected and complexity of the install a typical range is between $4k and $30k CAD. Systems to run A/C off grid increase the cost further. Electricity is the the ultimate off grid luxury - we can scale a system for you.

  • Full Conversions: Depending on materials, amenities and electrical system the cost range is significant range. Between $20k and $120k CAD, excluding your vehicle. The build process usually takes 2-5 months once you have your rig and layout. Current summer 2020 availability remains.


For some projects, an initial telephone consultation is required. On these calls you ask any questions you may have and we’ll gather the information needed for an initial estimate. We’re available for a second call to answer any questions you may have, to support your decision process.

Booking Projects

After getting to know each other and receiving your initial estimate, if you wish to proceed with booking Ray Outfitted requires a 50% deposit. We work with you on gathering materials and use our dealer & business network to ensure a smooth process.

Completing Projects

If you decided to proceed, Ray Outfitted will order materials and book the installation day(s). Consultations and installation onsites require upfront deposits to ensure everyone is committed to the date(s). Then we come to you! Ray Outfitted is a Canadian nomadic installer and upfitter, meaning we travel to our clients across Canada.
*Without a US work visa, Ray Outfitted cannot and will not work on US soil. It is legal for Americans to come to Canada for projects.

Custom hitch mount fabricated to tire width

Custom hitch mount fabricated to tire width

Transit Camper Van Window Installation

Transit Camper Van Window Installation

Initial Conversion Van Electrical Planning

Initial Conversion Van Electrical Planning