Custom Camper Van & Adventure Rig Services

  • Licensed Canadian Automotive Mechanic

  • Experienced Marine & Small Engine Mechanic

  • Experienced and Trained Camper/RV Upfitter

  • Specializes in custom fabrication, solar & electrical installation

Ray Outfitted Camper and RV Service Offerings:

 Ray Outfitted Installs & Projects

Ray Outfitted travels across Canada to build sites with his tools. Enjoy the extreme convenience of professional, high quality installations wherever you are.

  • Electrical setup & wiring of solar panels

  • Off Grid Plumbing

  • Off Grid Electrical System upgrades

  • RV Shore Power Simulation - Lithium & Solar for Dry Camping

  • Installation of fans & windows

  • Installation of Espar and Webasto heaters including tapping fuel tanks

  • Custom fabrication

  • Swivel Seats & Accessory installation

  • and more - contact today to discuss your plans

Note: Ray Outfitted is a Canadian business and cannot work on US soil.

DIY Campervan and Conversion Resources

For all aspiring and current DIY Campervan builders, Research is key. Ray Outfitted provides professional custom support that goes beyond what you can research. If you are just beginning your project, don’t be afraid to delve into research. Some great resource websites are:

Book a Custom Support Call with Ray

Raynor offers professional consultations to DIY’ers looking to review, get feedback and discuss their DIY plans. Share your project and plans for Ray to review and book a phone call to discuss.

  • Part Selection & Sourcing

  • Electrical planning

  • Layout designing

  • Installation tips

  • Troubleshooting

  • Advice & Support

  • Custom Projects

As a licensed mechanic and professional upfitter, Ray Outfitted’s Dial a DIY’er service is available for a flat rate telephone consultation fee, paid at time of booking. For longer or ongoing troubleshooting support for your DIY project, contact Ray for a quote based on your objectives.

DIY Guides: Ray Outfitted How To Videos 

Raynor partners with videographers like Max M Schneider to release high quality, easy to follow instructional videos. This is an ongoing series, being expanded as opportunities present themselves. Have a project? Contact