Custom Camper Van & Adventure Rigs

April 2018 Raynor launched Ray Outfitted.
The dream: Fuel his travel goals by supporting others travel goals.

Ray Outfitted Camper and RV Service Offerings:

  • Project Consultations
    (Dial a DIY’er - fuel a fellow vandweller’s travel, get experienced advice)

    • Campervan Planning Support

    • Project Planning & Part Sourcing

    • Troubleshooting & Advice

    • Electrical Plans Review

    • Installation Support

  • Onsite Build Support
    (Ray travels in his tiny home, with a tiny shop)

    • Sourcing

    • Installation & Electrical Work

    • Custom Fabrication

    • Ray brings the tools to your Canadian build location

    • Electrical and Solar Installations

    • Automotive Accessory Installation

    • Custom Metal Fabrication

    • Conversion Support & Consulting

    • Full Camper Conversion Projects

    • Tiny Home Support: Solar, Electrical and Plumbing

  • Community Support:

    • YouTube How To Videos (A work in progress series)

    • Meet Ups & Gatherings (Van tours are more than just fun)


Ray Outfitted’s First Summer:


DIY Campervan and Conversion Resources

Research is key. In supporting DIY’ers, Ray Outfitted provides custom support that goes beyond what you can research. If you are just beginning your project, don’t be afraid to google.

Book a Custom Support Call with Ray

Raynor provides custom consulations to DIY’ers looking to review, get feedback and discuss their DIY plans. Share your project and plans for Ray to review and book a phone call to discuss. Email:

  • Part Selection & Sourcing

  • Electrical planning

  • Layout designing

  • Installation tips

  • Troubleshooting

  • Advice & Support

  • Custom Projects

Once the scope of work is agreed upon, Ray clocks his time on your project and bills only for the time used. This has proven to be the most cost reasonable approach as every project is unique.

 Ray Outfitted Installs & Projects

Ray Outfitted travels across Canada to build sites with his tools. Work is agreed upon and due the varying nature of work, invoices are time based. No rounding up - Ray Outfitted uses an app to track actual work time.

  • Electrical setup & wiring of solar panels

  • Off Grid Plumbing

  • Off Grid Electrical System upgrades

  • Installation of fans & windows

  • Installation of Espar and Webasto heaters including tapping fuel tanks

  • Custom fabrication

  • Swivel Seats & Accessory installation

  • and more - contact today to discuss your plans

Ray believes strongly in the benefits of DIY projects. If you build it, you are more equipped to troubleshoot and make repairs. This provides extra “staying power” on the road and avoids some shop visits. That said - sometime’s it is worth bringing in the pros. Tapping fuel tanks for gasoline and diesel heaters, wiring complex electrical systems and custom fabracation aren’t projects with room for error.

Ray offers a middle ground: Work with you and shares knowledge and expertise as the projects are completed.

The mission: Not only properly complete the project but leave you with the skills and knowledge to troubleshoot on your own. This saves you time and money down the road.

Latest on Instagram from @RayOutfitted:

Ray Outfitted is a Canadian small business and cannot work within the US.

DIY Guides: Ray Outfitted How To Videos 

Raynor partners with videographers like Max M Schneider to release high quality, easy to follow instructional videos. This is an ongoing series, being expanded as opportunities present themselves. Have a project? Contact


Ryan's Sprinter Conversion

Ryan ( is converting his Sprinter Van, but his van didn't have a factory auxiliary fuel line to hook a Espar D2 heater to. Dropping the fuel tank was the only step of the installation Ryan wasn't wanting to figure out on his own. Staying in touch since then, it's been awesome to see Ryan's progress. Check out his IG account!

Van: 2015 Mercedes Sprinter Van 144WB, Full Height

Ray Outfitted:

  • Tapped fuel tank

  • Shared Espar installation tips

 Auxiliary Fuel Port Installation

Auxiliary Fuel Port Installation

 Dropping a Sprinter fuel tank to install auxiliary fuel line.

Dropping a Sprinter fuel tank to install auxiliary fuel line.