Off Grid Solar Installation Services

Ray Outfitted offers off grid solar installation services across Canada. Contact us today to discuss your project. Please note we currently do not work with grid-tied systems.

We’ve worked on sailboats, yachts, RVs and DIY Campervans. We design and install off grid electrical systems and solar arrays.

Ray Outfitted Solar Installs

Ray Outfitted travels across Canada, working on custom solar & electrical installs. Canadians seeking off grid electrical installs for campers, RVs, boats and conversions can contact us with project specifics for an detailed estimate.

 Panel Position Matters

Shadows and obstructions reduce solar producitivity. Good system designs include planning panel placement. This is more or less of a challenge on each project. At Ray Outfitted - no two projects are the same. Ready to discuss your customized off grid electrical system?

When living off grid with solar power in Canada - solar angle is particularly important. In Feburary 2018, Raynor built his first tiltable solar array for the V&M Van Life campervan. The 960W panel could slide and tilt over the edge of the van. In the following two Winters, this tilt proved to double production. Since then, upgrades and adjustments have been made to the design. Most recently - Ray has had the opportunity to customize this solar array to suit the designs of a DIY campervan owner.

Behind Every Solar Installation

Behind every solar installation is an electrical system. Arguably the most important component of an off grid electrical system is the battery bank. It really is what determines your off grid electrical capabilities. Here’s some photos of recent Ray Outfitted electrical installations - both new installs and upgrading existing systems. Our most common install for RVs and boats is shore power simulation — run everything like you are on shore power, while off grid. The size of that battery bank becomes important once again.

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