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Ray’s Tiny Home

Living & working from a DIY Sprinter van, Ray travels across Canada to work with builders on their solar, electrical and off grid project needs. Ray’s wife shares their life on the road at and @vandmvanlife


Canadian Travel & Work Plans

Winter 2018 - Alberta and British Columbia
Spring 2019 - Ontario
Summer 2019 - Atlantic Canada

Interested in bringing Ray Outfitted onto a project?
Contact to reserve your build dates. Ray Outfitted brings all the tools in his tiny workshop. Currently accepting bookings.

Canadian Campervan Electrical and Solar Install

Ray Outfitted helps with adVANtures and off grid dreams.

Since moving into his first campervan conversion project, Ray has been working on campers & RVs and releasing how to videos to support DIY’ers around the world. Raynor and his wife are pursing a tiny life, fueling their travels by supporting DIY’ers. The below video is a highlight reel produced by vanlifer Max M Schneider.

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