Alternator Charging

Alternator Charging for RVs, Campers and Conversion Vans. Charging your battery bank off the alternator while driving is a great way to top off batteries and enable dry docking while hauling long distances.

In the DIY campervan and van conversion world, alternator charging is one of the common upgrades people make. It’s important to ensure you’ve considered the type of batteries you have and the output of your alternator. Particularly for those using propane and butane cooktops, ensuring that alternator relays or solenoids are marine grade lowers the risk of arching (sparks) inside. It is important to treat conversions as vehicles and follow safety guidelines - don’t be frugal with safety.

At Ray Outfitted, we install alternator relays that have micro-processors that are smart sensing which allows for better charging for the house batteries. An added functionaility is it’s battery boost capability - jump your flat starter battery with your house battery bank. It’s a great insurance policy that gets you back on the road faster than CAA can: Give your starter battery a boost with the house batteries.

Know your alternator amperage.

DIY Alternator Charging Relay Install - Ray Outfitted How to Video on ACR wire install.